Happy Holidays to the women out there! With Christmas around the corner, you may be traveling for the holidays. If you are taking a flight to your holiday destination this year, you are probably thinking of what to wear to the airport. Deciding on what to wear during holiday travels can be stressful when you want to have a seamless travel while being comfortable and stylish. I have created a holiday-themed airport outfit selection if you are traveling during the winter. Any of these outfit selections will put you in the holiday spirit while allowing you to enjoy a seamless journey; these pieces can also be included in your everyday winter wardrobe.
Sets: Whether you are traveling during the winter or warmer seasons, sets are the first kind of outfits I consider when I want to be put together without focusing on color pairings. Once you have a comfortable breathable set including a top, bottom, and sometimes an outer layer, all that remains is a pair of nice comfortable slip-on shoes with colors that complement the set to create a stylish fit. An example is the red pullover sweater and matching leggings complemented with neutral colors including the black and white slip-on sneakers and the camel jacket.
Statement Jacket: A statement jacket is visually appealing and permits you to be simple in your main look. You can throw on all solid colors, whether black or grey, like the simple sweater dress. For a holiday-themed airport look, you can make the outer layer the focus of the theme while keeping everything else simple.
Simple Jewelry: I know Jewelry is often avoided to prevent setting off the metal detectors at security but there are simple pieces you can throw on to create a little sparkle in your look. The key is to select good quality rings, necklaces, and earrings that are only made from silver, gold, or platinum. The jewelry types that are often picked up by the metal detectors are the ones made from magnetic materials so avoid those.
I hope you find these tips helpful. Until next time, enjoy your holiday travels, and be sure to end the year on a high note.

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