Hello beautiful ladies! We are already in April and spring is here.  I know it has been a while since my last post and I apologize. I am going through personal life changes so unfortunately, I will not be able to post new content as often as I would like, for a few months. Please do expect more consistency towards the end of the year. In the meantime, I am excited to share my favorite spring colors and how I style them. This is not a vacation-style blog post but one that you can use as inspiration in your vacation looks if you plan any upcoming spring or summer travels. Do expect vacation-specific content next month, which is when I have my next vacation.

My favorite colors of all time are purple and yellow, which are spring colors that come in several shades.






Whether you are preparing for an upcoming trip in the tropics or a staycation right where you are, these looks serve as versatile dressy casual looks for various occasions.


LOOK A is a monochromatic pairing of a smart canvas lavender shirt dress from Max Mara and Halvern thigh-high boots from Privileged Shoes complemented by an Ava Gold purse from Teddy Blake and a pair of sterling silver hoop earrings from Ross Simmons. This is a perfect spring look for a dressed-up casual outing in the day or nighttime when the weather is not too cold but warm enough to enjoy without an outer layer of clothing.


For our skirt lovers who cannot wait to show more skin and begin indulging in open footwear once again, LOOK B is the perfect spring look on a warmer day. This is a look that provides some coverage but enough to keep you comfortable as the weather begins to hit the low 70s which is unfortunately tornado season depending on where you are in the U.S.


LOOK C is my favorite because I am more of a pant lover. Wide-leg pants in different styles and fabrics are my go-to on any given day. This look is a classic example of comfort and simplicity while maintaining elegance with a touch of colors. The Chartreuse Sateen wide-leg pants are toned down perfectly with a simple cream cut-out t-shirt for a little sexiness; accessories in neutral tones are used to nicely complement the bold pants. To finish the look in the event you are in a colder spring season like I am in VA, you can throw on a lightweight leather jacket like the Lambskin purple fitted jacket to complete the look.


LOOK D is a nice casual look including a paring of 523L pants and a long-sleeved blouse with a mixed pattern of yellow and purple to keep things interesting. Since the pants, shoes, and blouse make a pretty bold statement on their own and together, you can balance the look with neutral-toned accessories like the Adrian Leather Satchel and the Ralph Lauren leather-wrapped hoop earrings from Macy’s.


For our final look, we have a very casual pairing of a ruched baby tee from Anthropologie and Adam Lippes Alessia floral print pants since florals are great for the spring season; they also get you excited about the summer. Due to the interesting details with the florals and the bold purple tee, you can play down the boldness of the outfit with a pair of black 223Fisher sandals from Maje, a Venice mini cane leather clutch, and a pair of two-toned neutral hoops. This is a nice look for a casual party next door or a picnic in an area filled with festivities and other activities. It is a comfortable look that will also leave you feeling put together as you go about your exciting spring adventure for the day.

I hope these looks give you some inspiration as you decide to implement more color in your closet or as you think through some interesting pairings for any upcoming spring vacations you have planned.

Till next time, I hope you ladies continue to feel confident, capable, and comfortable as you put together stylish looks on your vacations.


Winter Vacation in Virginia and Outfit Ideas

Happy New Year to you all! Have you ever thought of planning a winter vacation in Virginia? Whether you are a Virginia resident like me who will be having a staycation this winter, or you are thinking of visiting the state of Virginia this winter, I have put together interesting vacation activities to explore and outfit ideas for each activity. Some of the activities are based on what other travelers have recommended and a few of them are based on my personal experiences in the northern part of Virginia.

If you love being outdoors in the winter season, you can explore the Shenandoah National Park in northern central VA.  There are several hikes you can do with historic structures and scenic views. For a challenging hike with a rewarding view, you can check out the Devil’s Bathtub in Scott County VA. This bathtub is like a pool filled with ice-cold water from the cascade falls. You can take cold dives in here. If you are interested in winter sports, check out the winter ski resort in Ghen VA. This resort is voted as the no 1 place to learn how to ski and snowboard in the southeastern part of Virginia. There are other fun activities to do there including snow tubing and chairlifts.

For a more city-like experience, especially in this dry January season, you can visit Northern Virginia. Within Northern Virginia, there is Arlington which has the Pentagon Row ice skating, the largest skating rink in Northern VA. It is surrounded by several shops and restaurants within walking distance.  For a warmer relaxing activity, visit the Signature Theatre, a Tony award-winning performing arts theatre located in Arlington VA. There is always something showing throughout the year, so check the website in advance and book your tickets.

Next is the Mosaic District in Fairfax VA. When I run out of ideas for things to do on a weekend, I always find myself in this area. It is an upscale shopping and dining center filled with different restaurants that serve different kinds of foods. There are boutiques, other shops, a movie theatre, outdoor parks for picnics, and several outdoor seating areas. This location has a farmer’s market event every Sunday from 9 am-2 pm; several local farmers and producers get together and set up booths to share their local foods and products with the community. You can find interesting fresh foods and products that you would most likely not be able to buy at a regular store. The event is also an opportunity to support local food businesses in the area.

Finally, we have Old Town Alexandria in Alexandria Virginia. If you are looking for history and education, this is the place to go. Old town Alexandria is well known for its blend of colonial and modern culture with several historic preservatives. You can look up different tours and schedules in advance so that you can experience the role of Alexandria in U.S. history. When I am in Old Town Alexandria, I sometimes explore the Torpedo Factory which is an art center filled with several artworks from locals. You get to experience their artwork from start to finish. Right next to the Torpedo factory is a connection to several restaurants that overlook the Potomac Riverfront. I consider it a very romantic location but also family-friendly if you plan to be out with your family.

Below are outfit ideas for all the vacation activities listed above in order.



I hope you find this mini vacation guide for Virginia along with the outfit ideas helpful. Until next time, enjoy your winter vacation/staycation wherever you are.




Happy Holidays to the women out there! With Christmas around the corner, you may be traveling for the holidays. If you are taking a flight to your holiday destination this year, you are probably thinking of what to wear to the airport. Deciding on what to wear during holiday travels can be stressful when you want to have a seamless travel while being comfortable and stylish. I have created a holiday-themed airport outfit selection if you are traveling during the winter. Any of these outfit selections will put you in the holiday spirit while allowing you to enjoy a seamless journey; these pieces can also be included in your everyday winter wardrobe.
Sets: Whether you are traveling during the winter or warmer seasons, sets are the first kind of outfits I consider when I want to be put together without focusing on color pairings. Once you have a comfortable breathable set including a top, bottom, and sometimes an outer layer, all that remains is a pair of nice comfortable slip-on shoes with colors that complement the set to create a stylish fit. An example is the red pullover sweater and matching leggings complemented with neutral colors including the black and white slip-on sneakers and the camel jacket.
Statement Jacket: A statement jacket is visually appealing and permits you to be simple in your main look. You can throw on all solid colors, whether black or grey, like the simple sweater dress. For a holiday-themed airport look, you can make the outer layer the focus of the theme while keeping everything else simple.
Simple Jewelry: I know Jewelry is often avoided to prevent setting off the metal detectors at security but there are simple pieces you can throw on to create a little sparkle in your look. The key is to select good quality rings, necklaces, and earrings that are only made from silver, gold, or platinum. The jewelry types that are often picked up by the metal detectors are the ones made from magnetic materials so avoid those.
I hope you find these tips helpful. Until next time, enjoy your holiday travels, and be sure to end the year on a high note.