My vacation outfit planning blueprint

Hello to all the amazing women out there thriving and living your best life. For travel lovers, I am here to assist us in solving a common problem that we often encounter when planning our vacation which is figuring out what outfits to wear during vacation.
It is no doubt that planning a vacation is hectic. Not only do you have to decide on where to go, when to go, and what to do during vacation but you must decide on what to wear while on vacation. I am here to share a few tips that I use to ensure that I have all the wardrobe items I need for my vacation. Hopefully, these tips will help ease the stress of figuring out outfits to take with you on your next trip.
There are a few factors to consider when planning your vacation wardrobe. They mainly include the cultural expectations of dressing in the country you are visiting- the main thing to look out for in this case is whether your vacation country has a more conservative or liberal way of dressing, do people tend to dress more casually and relaxed or dressy casual or both? You also must consider the expected weather at the location you will be traveling to and your vacation activities.
Since most vacations take place during the summer, let us picture a summer vacation where we expect a warm climate. Here is a list of versatile wardrobe pieces I always pack for my summer vacation. These clothing items serve as a blueprint for planning your vacation outfits with modifications that can be made depending on the factors mentioned above in addition to your personal style.



Beige Tropical Print Top – Puff Sleeve Top – Keyhole Crop Top – Lulus

Two-piece sets are one of my favorites when planning my vacation outfits. They are very easy to style; all you need to figure out is accessories- you do not need much to complete your look. Grab a comfortable two-piece set that you like, whether it is a skirt set or casual pant set and you will find it easier to create a nice look while on vacation.



Bandage Strappy Dress in Black | VENUS

You never know when you need to attend a special occasion while on vacation. It could be a night out with friends, dinner at a nice restaurant or a formal event. You can never go wrong with a little black dress and a pair of heels. Accessorize as you wish; you can be minimal or lavish. It is entirely up to you.



ASOS DESIGN off shoulder corset midi dress in red | ASOS

In the event you have more than one dressy occasion, you can opt for a cocktail dress of any other color that you feel comfortable in. I chose red because you cannot go wrong with red when you find a shade that works for you. Also, red can easily be styled with neutral tones when thinking of accessories. A lot of unexpected things happen while on vacation. You might just spontaneously decide to attend an event that a cocktail dress will be perfect for.



The Slouchy Boyjean in Astonia Wash (

Nothing sounds better than a pair of comfy jeans to wear on multiple occasions while on vacation. You can easily dress it up or down as needed and accessorize accordingly.



Women’s Essential Easy Tee | Women’s Tops |

This wardrobe piece is a life saver when you are completely out of options on what to wear for any occasion. It can easily be paired with your jeans along with a cute statement necklace and heels for a dressier casual occasion. It can be worn to create a basic look or a sharper look with the right accessories.



The Jean Jacket in Medford Wash (

As you can imagine, jean jackets are an essential to have year-round regardless of where you are. While you may be enjoying warm weather outside, you may occasionally need to stay warm when going out to restaurants or staying out to enjoy a cooler evening. A nice jean jacket can be worn over all your other vacation pieces.



Patchwork Collar Short Sleeve Blouse – Cider (

A fun statement top that matches your personal style is a great vacation essential. It can be a colorful tank top, a nice detailed top, or a simple top with interesting cut outs; it can be any top that makes you feel appreciative of the beautiful summer season.



Sandy Beaches Maxi Dress | Fortunate One

A fun maxi dress that makes you feel free is a very great wardrobe essential to take with you on vacation. Summer is the only season where you get to really enjoy your maxi dresses. You do not have to think of how to style them since they make up most of the look. All you need are accessories of your choosing to complete the look.



Vikki Leather Sandal | Stiletto-Heeled Style | Schutz – SCHUTZ (

Finally, you can complete any of your vacation looks with a pair of neutral toned heels. Pick a simple pair of heels that work well with all your items so that you do not have to worry about color pairings. A black, nude, or clear pair of heels are your go to for vacation.



Cognac Leather Alibi Sandals | French Sole | Tuckernuck (

A pair of comfy sandals that you can walk in all day is a necessity for your vacation. After all, you are going to be doing a lot of exploring so you might as well be comfortable. If you want, you can always opt for a pair of comfy walking shoes if you want to switch it up every now and then.



SHASHI Leela Clutch in Natural | REVOLVE

A neutral toned purse is a great accessory to take with you. When considering the perfect color pairing with all your outfits, you can never go wrong with a neutral tone as it takes away the stress of figuring out specific colors for specific outfits. A neutral toned purse also serves the dual purpose of completing a casual and dressy look.



You are a Star Lariat – Melinda Maria Jewelry


Marbella Hoops- Gold | Luv Aj

A pair of simple gold or silver earrings in addition to a versatile necklace will save you a lot of time and energy when thinking of how to accessorize your looks on vacation.



Twisted Knot Remake Swimsuit | Banana Republic Factory (

Depending on what activities you have planned for your vacation, you may or may not need a swimwear for your trip.
I hope you wonderful ladies find these tips helpful when planning your wardrobe for your next vacation. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable, confident, and capable in anything that you wear. Stay true to yourself and choose styles that fit your personal preferences.
Keep on thriving and have a wonderful rest of your week. Till next time,
Your very own CCC stylist, Adie.