Personal shopping/styling for vacation

Are you taking a trip and in need of new wardrobe items but you are not sure of what to buy? This service is to help you shop and style clothing pieces that are suited for your vacation destination.
How it works: 1. We will have a 30-minute Zoom consultation to gather more information about your vacation itinerary and your style preference 2. Within 48 hours, you will receive a virtual lookbook with vacation looks for your trip, a brief written summary of each look, and shopping links to purchase the items you want.

Actual price: $400

Promo price: $200

Personal styling with existing closet items

Sometimes you do not want to shop for new wardrobe pieces when planning your vacation and would prefer to utilize the items you already have in your existing wardrobe. This service is for creating vacation looks for your destination by styling with existing items in your wardrobe only.

How it works: We will have about a 2-hour Zoom consultation where we will review the clothes in your closet and carefully select outfits that you can wear while on vacation. By the end of this service, you should have all the wardrobe items you need for your trip.

Actual price: $300

Promo price: $150

Bundle package including personal styling with existing wardrobe items and personal shopping

This is a combination of services. This is the service for you If you want vacation looks with wardrobe items you already own combined with new wardrobe pieces that will be selected for you based on the missing items that are needed to complete the looks for your trip.
How it works: We will have about a 2-hour Zoom consultation where we review the existing items in your wardrobe and select a few pieces that will be great for your trip. 2. After the Zoom consultation, missing items that are needed to complete your vacation look will be sent to you in the form of a virtual lookbook within 48 hours.

Actual price: $600

Promo price: $300